Frank Hesse / Projects / 75 slides (2004) Space Space
Frank Hesse - 75 slides
Slide installation »75 slides«, Blaue Kugel, Hamburg, 24.3.2004 
Slide-installation with two projectors and a digital control panel. Loop, 12 minutes.

The images were taken in perfect darkness. The procedure is orientated on Rodney Graham's »75 Polaroids« but instead of faltering through wild vegetation, I am groping my way around a Library. When I take a shot with my camera the integrated flash illuminates my immediate environment, and at the same time the film in my camera is being exposed. Then, despite the resistance of the reproduction on my retina, which assigns me a position in space, I can take a couple of steps. As soon as I find myself in uncertain territory I take another shot.

I project the pictures thus produced at intervals that correspond precisely to the lapses between the original exposures. The cinematic effect is strengthened by the way the images are projected, which corresponds to the experience of taking them. The photos appear to be over-blended at first and soon fade to a glimmer.

I projected the images onto a milky windowpane at an exhibition in the »Blaue Kugel«. Inside, the images were the wrong way round, viewed from the street however, they were correct.

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